DDoS Attack on Imperva's Legacy Bot Protection Public Cloud
Incident Report for Distil Networks
Earlier today Imperva's Legacy Bot Protection Public Cloud was affected by a DDoS event. During that event a number of steps were implemented to try and mitigate the attack. However, the initial attempts to mitigate the attack did not work effectively. Due to this the status page was updated a number of times causing confusion as to state of the attack. To help clear the confusion, we are posting this status update.

* The incident stated at approximately 18:00 UTC and was mitigated by 18:32 UTC.
* The event is mitigated/resolved.
* The previous status page updates have been removed to avoid further confusion.

Apologies for the confusion and we will take steps to improve our status page updates in the future.
Posted May 21, 2020 - 18:00 UTC